Wines from Venice reach you by Gondola, thanks to the original Gondola Shopper, exclusive signed Orizzonti packaging.

The GONDOLA is an Italian symbol which speaks to the whole world about tradition, personality, elegance, nobility, beauty and prestige of a fantastic region.

The GONDOLA is capable to transform herself in a unique packaging, keeping all those qualities which are identified with what is inside that wine bottle coming form afar.

Thus, with the shopper practicality, the GONDOLA crosses cities, towns and continents while carrying the value and the substance of great Italian Wines as they move, nowadays, from the land of the legendary Serenissima with Her enchanting Venetian charm.

Each bottle of wine kept by this exclusive packaging, whether received or donated, will give the possibility when oversea to taste the seducing atmosphere of Venice, recalling to the drinker all the emotions that at each sip, like united by an invisible link, are appreciated and shared by the single vine-grower: unique people capable to collect in their wine tastes, perfumes, and colors of that land suspended between heaven and water.

Gondola Shopper receives international approval. The exclusive packaging is finalist of the Carton Award 2014: "The initial idea was to design a type of bottle packaging for the export market that could convey the "Made in Italy" message and that could be easy to carry. The packaging fits the product like a made to measure garment, enhancing it at the same time."